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American Tin Ceilings Introduces New Tin Ceiling Design

  • Author: Renovation Brands PR
  • Posted: Mar 12, 2021

BRADENTON, Fla., Mar 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --American Tin Ceilings, the leading manufacturer of decorative tin panels, is excited to announce tin ceiling Pattern #42. This pattern is a replica of an original tin ceiling tile retrieved from a historic building in Cincinnati, Ohio. The American Tin Ceilings team carefully cleaned layers of paint and repaired a century’s worth of distress from the original tile to reveal the classic pattern. A mold was taken from the prepared original and it was brought back to life to grace today’s designs once more.

Pattern #42 for ceiling and wall features a 12-inch repeat which makes it simple to cut to fit non-square rooms. Tiles can be cut in half or diagonally without interrupting the pattern for clean, symmetrical lines. It is available in 53 colors including Artisan hand-finished looks. The 2’x2’ panels come in drop-in or nail-up installations and are fire rated ASTM E 84-03b.

“This new pattern is a refreshing juxtaposition between historic and contemporary,” says Crystal Kennedy, Operations Manager at American Tin Ceilings. “It’s as much at home in a classic or historic design as it is in more transitional or eclectic styles. It’s a flexible and timeless addition to our collection.”

Appropriate for both residential and commercial projects, Pattern #42 can be used in homes, multi-family, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. The panels are available through, starting at $1.75 per sq. ft. For volume discounts, call 888-231-7500.

About American Tin Ceilings:

American Tin Ceilings, a business of Renovation Brands, is the leading manufacturer of designer tin ceiling tiles in Bradenton, Florida. American Tin Ceilings offers an extensive selection of tin panels for ceilings, walls, retail accents, and backsplashes for residential and commercial applications. With high-quality finishes, diverse patterns, competitive pricing, quick shipping, design support, and personalized service, American Tin Ceilings is the preferred manufacturer of tin ceiling tiles internationally.

About Renovation Brands:

Renovation Brands is the parent company of multiple fast growing home improvement product brands serving both residential and commercial customers in the renovation space. With a distinct focus and competence in the digital space, Renovation Brands is a top 500 e-retailer that is owned by Digital Fuel Capital, a leader in investing in internet retail and digital marketing technology and services.

Renovation Brands is currently comprised of six specialty eCommerce brands including American Tin Ceilings, Reggio Register, Baseboarders, RTA Cabinet Store,, and KitchenDesignPros.

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