About Us.

Our Story.

Welcome to Renovation Brands, where innovation drives renovation. We're not your average e-commerce platform; we're pioneers shaping the future of home improvement. With a diverse family of specialty brands, from American Tin Ceilings to Trueform Concrete, we're crafting experiences, not just selling products. From cozy nights with Electric Fireplaces Direct to seamless style with RTA Cabinet Store, we turn dreams into reality, one renovation at a time. But what truly sets us apart? Our people-innovators, dreamers, and go-getters united by a common goal: to push boundaries and create spaces where every vision comes to life.

Our Mission.


Our Core Values.

  • 40x40

    Empower the customer.

    This is about their vision, not ours
  • Think big. Move fast

    Think big. Move fast.

    We sprint when others stroll
  • We`re a team first. Period.

    We`re a team first. Period.

  • Fearlessly transparent

    Fearlessly transparent.

    Robust debate, wholehearted respect
    & commitment required
  • Do'ers not dreamers

    Do'ers not dreamers.

    We get more done with a match than
    other companies do with a blowtorch

  1. 2002

    Company Founded

    Company originally established as Net Direct Merchants with initial site selling custom, made-to-order fireplace mantels. Founded by Rick Morse in Florence, AL

  2. 2013

    Digital Fuel Capital Invests

    Digital Fuel Investment in Net Direct Merchants and begins developing the digital platform

  3. 2015

    Renovation Brands Rebrand

    Net Direct Merchants is Rebranded into Renovation Brands highlighting the company’s niche focus on Renovation Products

  4. 2017

    Marc Sieger Appointed as CEO

    Marc Sieger named CEO. Marc is a seasoned executive operator with a strong track record of growth with a set of relevant organizations.

  5. 2019

    New Markets

    Renovation Brands continues to expand its presence into the multi-billion dollar Kitchen & Bath market.

  6. 2020

    Accelerated Growth

    With a current online penetration of ~10% in the Company’s core addressable market, Renovation Brands has the capability to leverage their leading infrastructure to rapidly double the business.

  7. 2021

    Expanding Boundaries

    Trueform Concrete, designers and makers of decorative concrete and build-to-spec pieces, comes on board reaching markets never before approached by Renovation Brands. Blendhouse, provider of specialty concrete blends, joins in tandem.

  8. 2022

    Scaling Up

    JM Lifestyles, a market leader in decorative concrete and wood-like concrete surfaces, joins the family adding capacity, scale, and product design capability to Renovation Brands' decorative concrete business.