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American Tin Ceilings Introduces New Tin Ceiling Design

  • Author: Renovation Brands PR
  • Posted: Dec 03, 2020

BRADENTON, Fla., Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- American Tin Ceilings, the leading manufacturer of decorative tin panels, is excited to announce tin ceiling Pattern #41. Reminiscent of Art Deco, this pattern features bold geometric detailing with an emphasis on symmetrical lines that brings glamour to the ceiling. Pattern #41 steps outside traditional design to align with transitional and contemporary spaces.

Pattern #41 is available in a range of 53 colors, including Artisan colors that are hand-finished and use a unique mix of colors for refined ceiling designs. When acoustic performance is a priority, the new pattern is available in an acoustical option for nail-up and drop-in installations. The panels are 2'x2' in size and are fire rated, ASTM E 84-03b.

"Our new pattern creates an opportunity to rethink tin ceilings across residential and commercial projects," says Amy Rehmeyer, Vice President of Marketing at Renovation Brands, parent company of American Tin Ceilings. "Pattern #41 expands the design appeal of tin ceilings beyond traditional spaces and into transitional and contemporary interior design."

Designed for both residential and commercial projects, Pattern #41 can be used in homes, multi-family, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. The panels are available through, starting at $1.75 per sq. ft. For volume discounts, call 888-231-7500.

To learn more about this new product offering, click here.

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